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A new name, a renewed commitment


Europlus Argentina is the name that reflects a new and innovative stage in the life of Euro SA. It is the present and it is the future, in which a true commitment to quality and customer service define us.

A new capital structure ensures the financial strength of the company and a renewed team made up of shareholders, professional managers and dedicated collaborators brings to the company a vast expertise in global food production and distribution, developed over many years from Argentina to the world.

Thus, in the more than 700 people that make up the Europlus Argentina team, the tradition of the immigrants who arrived from Italy in the 19th century, the care of artisanal production and the assurance of world-class quality come together. All of this provides a solid foundation for the company's three business divisions that produce inputs for the pharmaceutical industry, natural casings and offal, supplying the most demanding customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

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From sourcing to finished product


All of our products originate from the most fertile soil on the planet: the Argentine Pampas. The bovine cattle raised and fed on their natural pastures, are known worldwide for the quality and tenderness of the meat. The Argentine Beef is therefore a seal of quality anywhere on the Planet. Europlus Argentina procures raw material from the best suppliers of the meat-packing industry of the country through long-term contracts. Furthermore, it has its own facilities, machinery and personnel within the suppliers' slaughterhouses, ensuring the care and proper processing of the raw material from the very first moment. Production is completed in the 8,000 m2 industrial plant located in Villa Gobernador Gálvez, Province of Santa Fe. The dedication of the more than 300 collaborators who work day by day in the different reception, processing and dispatch warehouses, laboratories, freezing tunnels, cold chambers and other production facilities make possible the elaboration of products with high quality standards in the three business divisions of the company.

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Our thorough understanding of quality

The three business units of Europlus Argentina operate with BTB models, supplying key intermediate goods to the pharmaceutical industry and its suppliers, to prestigious producers of quality sausages, as well as to offal international distributors and marketers. We know that a substantial part of our clients' businesses depends on our ability to deliver on time the quantity, mix and quality of product requested, in the place of the world that has been agreed. That is why we work with the highest standards and control mechanisms to ensure not only the intrinsic quality of our products, but also our ability to supply according to all the specifications agreed with our customers.


Meeting places to build the future together


Europlus Argentina is a member of INSCA and annually attends the most important fairs of the industry participating in seminars, conferences and meetings with clients & partners. Click on the links to find all the information about the events that we regularly attend and in which we will be delighted to meet you.

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