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The production of casings from a natural origin is in our roots: Natural Casings is the original business division of the company. The core of this unit is to process animal intestines and produce natural casings for the manufacture of top quality sausages.

The quality of our final product is guaranteed from the outset: the important cattle stock in our country is mostly british breeds, and its breeding system in the Pampas pastures gives distinctive properties to the muscles and tissues of the animal. That is why Argentine beef and its by-products are synonymous with certified quality throughout the world.


At Natural Casings by Europlus Argentina we source ourselves from the best meat-packing industry suppliers in the country and to ensure the proper handling, processing and control of the raw material from the very moment of the slaughter we have our own equipment and staff within their facilities.

We also have the specific equipment in our industrial facilities in Gdor. Gálvez, Province of Santa Fe, as well as an experienced team of collaborators that allows us to carry out all the manual and mechanical procedures required in the production of our natural casings, which are rigorously controlled throughout the production process. All this makes our natural casings unique in elasticity, volume and resistance, being able to offer excellent quality across our entire range of products, including beef round, middle, cap, fatends, middle pieces and bladder.


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