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The original business unit of the company is that of natural casings. In it we are dedicated to the processing of intestines of animal origin for the preparation of casings or wrappers for the manufacture of sausages.

The quality of our final product is guaranteed from the origin: the important bovine cattle stock of our country is mainly of breeds of British origin, and its breeding system in the pastures of the Pampas, gives distinctive properties to the muscles and tissues of the cattle. animal. This has established Argentine Beef and its by-products as synonymous with quality throughout the world. Natural Casings by Europlus Argentina is supplied by the best refrigerators in the country and also has its own equipment and personnel in its facilities, controlling the raw material from the site.

We also have the specific equipment in our Gdor plant. Gálvez, Province of Santa Fe, and, above all, an experienced team of collaborators that allows us to carry out all the manual and mechanical procedures required in the production of our products, which are rigorously controlled throughout the production process. All this means that our natural casings are unique in elasticity, volume and resistance, being able to offer excellent quality in the different products, including shore, salami, tripón and pezzi.


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